Accelerate Impact, Health, Learning, Equality, Dignity, Love, Opportunity In Our World.

Equip emerging entrepreneurs around the world to launch and manage sustainable businesses within their communities. Transform containers into opportunities of empowerment.

How Does Chombox Accelerate Impact?

We deliver franchise-based solutions that equip emerging market entrepreneurs and missional organizations to launch and manage sustainable businesses. Our solutions are purpose-built and target healthcare, learning, retail and housing.

Health Solutions

Chombox Health solutions are small-footprint, franchise-based facilities that accelerate access to quality and affordable medical care for low and middle income populations.

Rachael M.

Love it! Chombox enables me to provide affordable, quality health care in my community.

Rachael M., Homa Bay

Learning Labs & Classrooms

Chombox Learning Labs brings technology-based skills and training into both rural and urban communities. Youth and adults develop relevant, real-world skills in computer basics, programming, graphic design and business applications.


Partnering with Chombox allows us to directly impact youth unemployment by teaching skills that help secure jobs.

Lameck M, Nyamira

Coffee Shops & Kiosks

The Chombox Coffee experience is designed around our customers and purpose-built to fit the community and its needs. Our goal is to have every Chombox Coffee Shop become the gathering place within a community.

Chombox Coffee facilities include small, walk up kiosks, large shops with drive throughs as well as multi-story shops with roof decks and integrated learning labs.

We are so excited to be a Chombox Coffee franchise partner! We hope our coffee shop can become a beacon of hope in our community.

Nelson W., Nairobi

Housing Solutions

Chombox Housing solutions provide affordable short and long-term accommodations for hotels, student housing and multi-family living needs. Our facilities provide can be custom-designed to match branding requirements and easily include meeting rooms, restaurant dining, social areas, coffee shops and lounges and recreational space. Rooms include single and multiple bed configurations, full bath, balcony & kitchenette.

Chombox Housing solutions can be semi-permanent and even relocated from location to location based upon demand and seasons. Infrastructure options include off-grid capabilities for water, electricity and waste.

Become a Chombox franchise partner!

Chombox is accepting applications for franchise partnerships in East Africa. We seek faith-motivated individuals and missional organizations to become partners in Chombox health, learning and coffee service lines. Complete the online franchise partner application and begin your journey today.

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Active Social Good Projects

Explore our projects and get to know the entrepreneurs who are launching and managing Chombox businesses around the globe. Engage and support projects that align with your personal passions and get involved in accelerating social impact in our world.

What is your impact on our world?

Chombox needs you and your expertise! We seek business people, subject matter experts and passionate individuals to partner with us as we accelerate impact and equip entrepreneurs to succeed. Please contact us to explore opportunities.

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